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From My Heart To Yours

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you” - Jeremiah 1:5

He has the perfect plan for each of us…

martha 16He’s got the plan! These words have given me great comfort during my journey with cancer this year. Just when I think I can see clearly ahead, a twist or turn arises to overwhelm me with the situation. When this happens, I’m tempted to take some sort of action, any kind of action – rash or otherwise – to “save the day”. I feel compelled to do something to meet the crisis. Thankfully, God calms my spirit and gently reminds me He is in control and my life belongs to Him. When I listen to that still small voice and surrender myself to Him, I am always thankful for the outcome. After seeing God’s wonderful but unpredictable plan work itself out, I look back with tremendous gratitude that I didn’t implement my own strategies.

This relates to our work here at New Hope in a very real way. We seek to come alongside women who are in the valley of their lives. They are without hope, panicking, tempted to make a quick and rash decision to alleviate the crisis, and oblivious to a loving and trustworthy God holding a plan for their lives.

Many times I have received an emotional call from a woman sharing that years earlier in a moment of desperation she had almost ended her child’s life through abortion, had it not been for the gentle counsel of one of our client advocates who caused her to experience God’s plan for both her life and her baby’s. The caller always shares her gratitude for the love found at New Hope which saved her baby’s life.

God has a plan even when we don’t see a way out. He is faithful if we trust Him He shines brightest in the darkest times.

For His Glory,
Martha J. Raub
Executive Director